Quality: MILK; Curdled can make yogurt but it is better if freshly fermented

Quality often presents itself, seldom do we recognise the presence of greatness and mistaken it for a simple conversation.
Sometimes the building blocks we find are made of more than bricks and mortar. Instead we find them in words spoken or seeds watered for no reason other than a plain observation of a reality language often fails to encapsulate.
Visionaries live in the future, they run in such a manner, those who follow must do at such a pace even sonic would struggle. The ground is wind beneath your feet for here you live in the clouds. It is a position higher than the crowds for this place is where no man has been until now. NOW in your hand you hold that which is dear, the heart, the passion, the emotional driver that causes one to act.
But consider this for a moment, that thoughts are limited to that which our eyes are fixated, that our sense of purpose is on a learned experience or the  opening of ones eyes to the realities of narrow mindedness. I guess sometimes we name it focus yet tunnel vision is the focus on one to the exclusion of others. It is the light at the end of the tunnel. Suppressing possibility, fixated on the continuity of a single thought. It is like the fixation  of an infant on milk. With no concept of time space or the reality that daddy is in the middle of the shopping centre. It is the fixation on NOW for the promise of satisfaction served by the fulfillment of that desire of the heart, body and soul. Milk.
I was live on radio and asked my favourite food to which I responded Yogurt. At the time, it was no match for the carefully crafted alternative of joloff rice. This ensued a debate on which is better Nigerian or Ghanaian. I would say Ghanaian since that is where I’m from when in actual fact I like yogurt.
It wasn’t until last night that this was explored with the response that if another was to ask the questions, The follow on would be, “what type of yogurt?”
Immediately this question in its simplicity opened a door of escape in this milk fueled tunnel. And so I took it. Not wanting to sound too cliché (because secretly we care about these things more than we ought) I gave life to my far reaching buds of taste and said lemon curd.
For in the moment prior, it was viewed with the simplicity of taste like munch bunch to which I laughed and for a moment imagined a yogurt party where petits filous, muller and onken would make an appearance. Bliss it seemed. Before long, I was brought crashing back to reality with the question, “what type of yogurt?” As if to find that hidden treasure because if it were to qualify as a favourite, there must be some knowledge attached. I responded “Greek style”.
“Muller?” Was the next obvious question because again, if this was a favourite, it had to be good.
See, what I was reaching for was the consistency, the rich creamy thickness of flavour that captivates all the senses with its coolness as it announces its arrival with the change in temperature. Different.
So I proceeded to say, “Waitrose, lemon curd.” I paused as though in that moment I had done nothing more than answer a simple question.
Quality” was the response as though it was confirmation of life in the obscure, satisfaction in that which is considered. Understanding on a level of comprehension, it begged the audience of those who saw beyond the glaringly obvious but instead the heart, body and soul. Milk fermented with specific cultures, fresh, not curdled where yogurt is an option yet knowledge of which exact cultures is unknown, thus anything could happen.
Funny thing is I didn’t even have yogurt, nor did I crave it at that moment in time.
Don’t let go of my hand yet, it is crunch time…
For we have spoken of visionaries, sonic, milk and discovered that the conversation was not even about yogurt.
Consider for a minute, those conversations that open your mind to the possibility of what could be if every so often we turned our heads to the left and saw how that which we left behind only enhances the end goal. Open your mind to the possibility of what could be if ever so often we turned our heads to the right and noticed that which was right in front of us the whole time.
I am a thinker and castles I build in the sky for I am also a dreamer. Yet in the questions that pushed me to think and qualify a statement , I gained a new understanding. It was the changing of the narrative, the vision was the captain of this ship to an understanding that cultivating the earth beneath our feet feeds the longing of a deeper knowledge and appreciation than surface layers. It is the appreciation of quality.
Those who question you,
Those who challenge you,
Those who see you for what you could become.
Those who  in a moment change you.
Quality often presents itself, seldom do we recognise the presence of greatness and mistaken it for a simple conversation.


My introduction to the Rainbow Nation.

rainbow-nationWhile we are here.. let’s talk about my Zulu neck piece. This is actually the second one I have owned as my first one broke but my story fits regardless.

As I was stood in Soweto outside the Hector Pieterson museum.. the man selling me the neck piece said all the colours on it signify South Africa, Rainbow nation. He said that is what South Africa is about. Although he did not go I to detail.. he planted a seed.

I since looked it up.. the phrase “rainbow nation” was coined by Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu to describe post-apartheid South Africa.

What I loved however was how Nelson Mandela expounded on  it in his Inaugural speech on 5th October 1994

: “Each of us is as intimately attached to the soil of this beautiful country as are the famous jacaranda trees of Pretoria and the mimosa trees of the bushveld – a rainbow nation at peace with itself and the world..”

The quote says it all. If I was to give you my point of view on this quote, it would go something like this. Our intimacy with each other is crying out from within and in order to get in touch with that, we must be at peace with ourselves. In so doing, freeing ourselves to the beauties of this world.

If I am to describe myself I often say I am a citizen of the world for I have many stories to tell and experiences the draw from. All of which make me a well rounded person, more receptive to difference and curious to know more about others.

I think it is the greatest idea to allow that instinctive need for connection take precedence in our every day interactions.That way, we can be free.

Because at the end of the day, there is nothing better

(c) Faith-Rose Ansah

Just because you can does not mean you should; and here’s why


I speak for the fellow doers. Those of us that get things done. You don’t have to be an artistic genius. The only requirement is focus on a particular task until you finish. Here in lies the problem. You are gifted (for bursts at a time.. we are all guilty of procrastination) in that you produce results. People see that. People feed off that. People want some of that so people approach you to do what you just did and sure enough you say yes. This yes is not isolated because you continually say yes and keep doing and doing until doing is all you do but the question in all this is where are you? Are you simply a robot moving to someone else’s tune or are you master of your every day?

It is your responsibility to know when to say enough is enough because at the end of the day, you’re the one that suffers. You are the one in control of how much you will do because I know you are capable. I had to have this conversation with myself and reassess my choices, my commitments and all that was eating my time. I have a mental list of all the things I can smash, maybe one day I will share it with you.

There is a long list of things I am capable of doing. Simply because that is the way I am made up. I have lived a life where I have had the opportunity to develop several skills simply because I have learned to entertain myself (this is another post for another day). I am a hands on person and thrive when I move. I love to express myself through many mediums and when I am in the zone, nothing can distract me. This is a beautiful place to be. It is like the hum of a honey bee’s wings. Sweet. (It is like right now, I am lost in this moment of creative expression through words and the rain drops outside provide that background music to this moment. ) back red

You will notice the dress that I made. Sitting on my head is my fascinator that I made some time ago. You will notice the hair, you will notice the makeup and you will notice the choice of a backdrop. Right now we will simply focus on the dress.

People will always say that I should make clothes for others and I tell them in  no uncertain terms, I do not make clothes for people. I simply make them for myself. It is not because I am not capable but simply because I do not want to. My talent is not for my own exploitation because I want to move through life knowing I did what I loved to do and that is to create. I find joy in be ability to create something beautiful and the process is simply amazing. It requires perseverance, focus and vision. Of the three vision. Vision is the fuel, the motivator and the force that pulls me through even in my darkest of times. It is the ability to see the feeling you want at the end. Some may view this as selfish but the truth is when you are aiming to create a feeling, there is a certain fluidity that has a certain delicate nature, it is easily disturbed. It is not with the view to make money but to create that which will last in my mind’s eye. So this dress is my vision come alive for in it I feel like a queen. I will not be taking orders if I don’t want to for the creation process must be respected. If you haven’t picked up on it, my message to you is you should only do what you want if you have the choice. In case you don’t know, If I was a superhero, my superpower would be choice. Therein lies freedom.

Everyone wants to be free. Remember; you are one choice away from freedom.



p.s. if you enjoyed this post, you should also check out some of my older posts like this one  I just read through it again. It is a beautiful piece and I explain a little more of my super power of choice.

Let’s talk insanity- In the words of Aaliyah ‘dust yourself off and try again’

Let’s talk. Right now I am beyond frustrated. I don’t even think this will help but we will see at the end. A quote often attributed to Einstien.. Although I am not too sure about that is

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

I actually feel insane right now because I have been attempting to edit a youtube video since Tuesday night. It is now Friday. Bearing in mind I have a lot of other things I need to do. So it is my favourite video so far, kente look. It consists of makeup and scarf tying.

Initially I edited the whole thing which by some sort of weird twist of events got corrupted when I tried to convert the file.

So the day I post my videos had come,  Wednesday, but I had a corrupted video that could not be saved. So I thought of this Einstein quote.. You know because I had saved it in many different ways, hoping for a different result. so I was insane at that point. But I said, no, I will flip this on it’s head and show my tenacious side. With this decided determination, I got to editing. But this time I was going to do it in 2 parts. Well you know, because editing 40 minutes of film into 6 minutes can take a bit of time.

I was successful. I felt good. I published the video.

So still riding on this high, I decided to edit the makeup element and as if by rehearsed mockery, the file got corrupted again just as I finished it. So right now I am contemplating leaving it all alone for some time. I say some time because the type of person I am means I will go back to it. But then I wonder if it is a dog going back to it’s own vomit. It is the thought of not having any control on the outcome of your efforts. Much like a relationship. You can only put yourself into a relationship but cannot determine what the other person will read/receive that as. Where you are vulnerable and defenseless. At the mercy of everything but yourself. I don’t like this feeling.

Right now, this is my release. Honestly I am close to tears. It takes so much time to produce something beautiful and at this moment technology tells me I can’t. Do I simply go back to solely working with my hands where the fruits are tangible but limited to my surroundings or do I spread my wings on my technological plane of world domination, sharing my wisdom and pride in my identity.

Well when I put it like that. I think I should have a break and resume in a few days. I think I will try again on Sunday.

Here is said video- well.. the scarf one only


How to have the best wash day ever! -3 steps to little breakage and better manageability-

DSC_0869.JPGYes.. That is me in the picture smiling.. I am having the best wash day ever lol.. Okay lets cut all the cheesy talk.. Seriously. It is simple to get what you have always wanted 1- less breakage and better manageability. Did I mention that it only takes me a couple of hours to go through my whole wash day process?

Here’s how much hair I lost in 1 wash day!!


Well here is how I do it

1- Pre-poo

Now this is a simple step of preparing your hair for the washing process by loosening it with water and oil. My oil of choice is olive oil because it improves elasticity and nourishes your scalp (side note- I don’t put any oil on my scalp but that is another story for another day so pre-pooing helps a lot). The water is the moisture that we are all trying to trap. Plus I just love the way my hair feels after having my pre-poo on for at least an hour!. You can use heat too for deeper penetration if you like 🙂


2-Smooth hair throughout

What I mean by this is tug hair and smooth it at any given chance. Work slowly and with love to evenly distribute product and protect hair. I tend not to rub my hair so that it does not get tangled


3- Finger de-tangle

For me this is the key to keeping as much hair on your hair as possible. Finger de-tangling simply means you can feel each strand individually and gently work your way through the tangles while easing them out. I have found this to be the most effective way to manage my hair and I generally don’t comb my hair unless I want an afro!


If you want to see how I wash my hair please watch the video below! It has many tips and tricks.. p.s. you will want to keep your eye out for more videos on how I prepare my hair for different things.. e.g. if I want to have an afro or if I want to blowdry it! Stay beautiful, stay strong and love everything God gave you !!


3 reasons everyone should know how to tie a scarf

DSC_0689So the words right here are.. share your story here.. well if I must.. I will tell you why it is one of life’s skills

1- It protects your hair– not that you can’t be free and let your hair run wild… but if you would like to make sure your hair is in perfect place post-styling    make sure you get that scarf on… remember to let your edges breathe though… don’t run them off with overzealous scarf tying action…..

2-Saves you from a bad hair – you know those days… when you maybe fell off the faithful hair care band wagon… maybe you didn’t sleep with a scarf on.. or maybe you really don’t have time to make your hair presentable. Well on those days, a scarf is the batman to your robin.. it’s the butter to your bread.. it is the only way you will leave the house looking sane… who wants to be a hermit anyway..

3- It brings out your inner queen- there is just something about a perfectly tied head scarf.. it takes the sophistication to another level and your confidence too. It’s as though your shoulders drop back, head is raised high and you glide into any room with a commanding presence.

Who doesn’t want to be an instant head turner,the one that walks into a room and it is obvious that they are walking on air. . Yes it is possible. .  All because of the magical accessory. . The scarf

Now.. you are ready..

Watch the video below to see one of the ways to bring out your inner queen

Get it girl !!!

Stay classy, stay sophisticated  and bring out your inner queen for YOU are beautiful… NOW

The secret to the puffiest most beautiful flat twist

First of all… watch the video above. This is how I do my favourite style. 
Now you are ready… please note… the secret is NOT.. I repeat.. NOT in the tutorial… it’s down below…

 The secret to having a halo that is both puffy and flat on the top is simple…do it more than once.

No i dont mean practice makes perfect.. although that is the truth… what i mean is you have to do it twice.

1- First on damp freshly washed hair. Make sure you moisturize your hair sufficiently (I use the L. O. C. method-liquid, oil, conditioner)

2- Second on dry hair... Remember what I said in the tutorial about brushing to smooth not to detangle.. Yes.. In doing so, you are keeping the top slick while puffing out the bottom for more body. 

 I know you may say that natural hair is thirsty and requires lots and lots of moisture for it to be manageable . While I agree with that completely, you have to pay attention to what I just said… you s the same style more than once… specifically… TWICE… it is the same direction, same manipulationwith a sleeker finish. Who doesn’t want to be sleek afterall?

Try it and see how you go.
I’ll do a tutorial on how I moisturize my hair and how I flat twist it. I’m the mean time.. stay stylish,stay sophisticated and always remeber you are beautiful… NOW !!

Secrets to the perfect everyday makeup look (3 essentials)

DSC_0649First of all the aim is to keep it basic. (I will do an effortless / more natural look  in the weeks to come). What I like to do is to pick out the parts of my makeup routine that I love the most and try and incorporate them into my look. Lets look at the 3 essentials

1- Eyebrows on fleek:

We are at a time when out eyebrows gotsta be ON FLEEK!!  so on for  an everyday look I like to have brows well defined by cleaning them up with concealer (Mac Pro-longwear concealer- NC45).

2- Face highlighted:

I love to have my features stand out. I don’t have the perfect skin for strobing (psst.. you can click on the highlighted word so that you know what strobing is.. ).. but I am working on it. What I do like to do though is to highlight my face only so that when that light hits my face, it is emphasising those cheek bones, the cupid’s bow etc.. (Mac Pro-longwear concealer- NC45)

3- Lips moisturised:

It is only in the past couple of years that I have started putting lipstick on. I used to be so self conscious about my lips, I would only put a light layer of vaseline so that there is no shine what so ever. I have moved on from that as you can tell from my glossy lip. My essential would be a MOISTURISED LIP. Nothing more, nothing less.(Vaseline)


So go on with your bad self- Get your eyebrows on fleek, Highlight those features, moisturise and shine shine shine.

Want to see it in action?.. Check out my video below 🙂